Hydro Sealant is a waterproofing system with concrete, cementitious and masonry substrates.

It penetrates the surface through moisture absorption and reacts with the free lime forming a hard crystalline material which blocks the pores against water penetration and becomes an integral part of the structure.

It provides positive and negative waterproofing against dampness and ground water as well as hydrostatic pressure.

typical applications

  • Waterproof grout
  • Basements, lift walls, tunnels
  • Sewerage tanks, effluent pits
  • Reservoirs, canals, swimming pools
  • Water towers, silos
  • Subway, manholes
  • Pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete units
  • Koi/fish ponds, Brick or Concrete farm Dams
  • Seals and Decorates Exterior & Interior Walls


  • Pre-blended
  • Available in two formulations
  • Ease of applications – brush applied
  • Blocks passage of waterseals pores
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces or green concrete
  • Non-toxic and non-taintingMixing 
    Hydro Sealant is supplied in three sizes

    1) 25kg Powder – 31t Bonding Agent – 61t Water

    2) 12,5kg Powder – 1 ,51t Bonding Agent – 3 It water

    3) 2kg Powder – 250ml Bonding Agent – 500ml Water

    * Using a suitable container, add the powder to the liquid and
    stir continuously to produce a thick slurry

    * Let mixed product stand for 2 minutes for the chemicals to activate. Stir the slurry again and now the product is ready for application on a moist surface.


    • Prior to application, pre saturate the surface to be treated with clean water and ensure any free standing water is removed before commencing with coating

    • Apply Hydro Sealant in one or two coats, each at right angles to the other.

    • Dual coat application is applicable only on water containing units, damp walls or on flat concrete roofs / surfaces. For adequate waterproofing protection and results a minimum
    coverage of 1 ,5kg per m2 should be specified. ie:- 1 st Coat, 1 kg per m2 and 2nd Coat 1/2 kg per m2. Moisturize surface before next coat is applied.

    • Whilst applying the Hydro Sealant, occasionally stir the slurry to prevent settlement of the solids within the container.

    • Do not retamper the product once it has started to set

    Do not allow surface to dry too rapidly. Moisturize by simply using a block brush and clean water or a very fine mist spray.
    Be careful not to apply product over running or accumulated water (Damp down with sponge).
    • Allow 12 hours curing between each and subsequent coats
    • Wash pool, pond, dam or any other water containing unit with clean water and soft brush or broom after at least 12 hours of last and final coat. Remove unsaturated powders if
    any with a sponge. Be careful not to drag feet or objects over surface. Then fill with water.
    • The pool cleaner should not be used for the first three weeks but normal start up chemicals (same as new marble plastered pools) should be used.
    • In the case of fish / koi ponds all unsaturated powders to be vacuumed up and the necessary steps taken and water tested before putting fish in water.

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