HYRDO GROUT 800 N a premixed ready-to-use dry grout with
specially graded silicious aggregates, shrinkage compensating
chemicals and blended with Portland Cements to produce a fluid
non-shrink grout. It is grey in colour, is non-oxidising and has no added
chlorides or nitrates.
In all applications where a non-shrink fluid natural aggregate cementitious
grout is required or specified. Particularly where a pre-mixed,
durable and permanent grout with high early strength are the criteria.
HYDROGROUT 800 N is a fluid grout that provides precision support
under load bearing elements such a machine base plates, sole plates,
crane and transporter rails, stanchions and column bases anchor bolts,
turbines, pumps, generators, precast units and bridge bearings.
HYDROGROUT 800 N is a specially designed precision grout for use
where high fluidity is required and when the principal requirement is a shrinkage free grout,

The data is based on controlled laboratory tests as per quality
assurance procedure. Slight variations can be expected under
prevailing site conditions.
Directions for Use
All equipment to be grouted must be free of grease, oil and dirt and
the concrete surface must be scabbled, cleaned and be well saturated
for 24 hours prior to grouting. do not mix more grout than can be
used in ± 30 minutes. Once the grout has stiffened, do not re-tamper
by adding water.
Hot and Cold Temperature
Temperatures of both the grout and all elements coming into contact
with the grout should be in the range of 10°C.
Cure all exposed areas of grout with HYDROCURE curing compounds
or keep saturated for at least 10 days
Site and laboratory test should be determined on desired placing
consistency rather than strictly on the water content. This must be
established prior to placing the grout.
Always place grout from one side only. Doe not pour grout from both

High Early Strength – meets ASTM C 109-80 specification. Obtains
a minimum compressive strength to facilitate rapid installations and
early operation of machinery / structures.
Non-shrink – meets CRD – C621 Specification. A non-shrink grout that
hardens, free of bleeding, settlement or dying shrinkage, maintaining
tight contact with the underside of grouted elements.
Fluid Consistency – meets CRD -C611 – 80 Specification. A grout
when mixed and placed at any consistency, fluid, damp pack or
pumped (fluid consistency by flow cone test method)
Iron Free: A non metallic aggregate grout used where an appearance
similar to that of concrete or mortar is required.
Durability – a dense and ultimate high strength grout which contains
no gas-generating or air-release agents such as aluminium powder,
fluid coke, etc. It is durable and withstands repetitive loading
Reliability- GROUP 800 N is premixed thus eliminating costly on-site
blending errors.

Typical Properties

Stiffening Test:
Initial Set:    Approximately 2 hours at 20°C
Final Set:    Approximately 4 hours at 20°C
Flow Characteristics:  Approximately 4 hours at 20°C

Fluid – meets CRD-C 611-80
Shrinkage                    Non-shrink meets CRD – C 621
Flashpoint:                   Not applicable
Operating Temperatures:Between 5°C-200°C

Permissible for use with equipment
exposed to the above temperature
Storage Life:   Up to 1 year when stored under cover
and in dry conditions

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