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Hydro Seal is a unique range of multi purpose sealants which comprises of cementitious powders and activating chemicals

What is Hydro Seal?

Hydro Seal is a multi-purpose sealant which can be used as a paint and a sealant in one. It can be used to seal swimming pools, koi ponds and water features etc, in a fraction of the time and with much less effort and mess than most other sealants available today. Due to its cost effectiveness, Hydro Seal is also being utilized with great success in the building Industry for new constructions and building repairs. As a decorative sealant it can be used on most interior and exterior surfaces, ie: walls, roof tiles, lintels etc.

Hydro Sealant

Hydro sealant is a two part waterproofing system incorporating a blend of cementitious powders combined with proprietary activating chemicals and high grade quality aggregate fillers with Hydro Bonding agent

Hydro Stop

HYDROSTOP a pre-mixed cementations’ grey powder combined with accelerating chemicals to produce an instant setting repair compound to stop flowing water within 1-2 minutes in concrete water retaining structures.

Hydro Plast

HYDROPLAST a fibre and polymer modified cementitious mortar suitable for heavy duty plaster aerated concrete and cementitious structures repairs.

Hydro Mix & Fix

An Exciting new product added to our Revolutionary range of Products. A pre-blended Chemical Set Mortar for High strength repairs: A maintenance product to complete the job within minutes instead of hours.
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