HYDRO SCREED 50 a processed inert quartz aggregate combined
with blended cements and proprietary chemicals to achieve controlled
setting and workability characteristics producing a non-shrink
pre-mixed screed / topping
HYDRO SCREED 50 is a multi-component product specially designed
to be used as a floor repair product and for monolithic floor overlays.
Typical Applications                                                                                           Advantages
Repairs to large floor overlays                                                                              Economical
Parking garages, ramps and roads                                                                       Easy to use
Bridge deck repairs (where concrete spalling is in excess of 35mm)             High early strengths
Heavy wear areas such as abattoirs, laboratories, car parks, power             Increased abrasion resistance
stations, breweries, agricultural buildings, etc.                                               Early traffic – 72 hours
Bonds exceptionally well to existing concrete                                                High density surface, minimises dusting and is ± 60% more
impermeable to oil and grease penetration than plain concrete                     Durable
Reduces maintenance costs

Typical Properties

Colour: Natural concrete colour (coloured
screeds available on request)


MOH Scale:                             7-8
Aggregate Impact Value:     22
Abrasion Value:                      2,5 times greater than plain concrete screed
Storage Life:                             Up to 1 year when stored in accordancewith manufacturer’s instructions
Flashpoint: Not applicable

Directions for Use
There are two recommended ways of laying HYDRO SCREED 50:
1. Monolithic Construction: HYDRO SCREED 50 mixed and applied
not less than 12mm thick must be laid within ± 3 hours of the base
concrete. This form of construction should be used wherever
possible as it produces an integral floor finish, reduces construction
time and therefore costs are kept to a minimum.
2. Repairs or Toppings: This method is used when the base concrete
has set and hardened for a minimum period of 28 days prior to
applying the screed. It is then necessary after preparation of the base
concrete to apply a bonding layer before applying HYDRO SCREED 50
at a minimum thickness of 25mm.
2.1 Preparation
The area to be repaired must be first scabbled and then cleaned to
remove all oil, grease, laitance and dust. The cleaned surface is then
pre-saturated for a period of 12-18 hours prior to the product being
applied. Ensure that all free water has been removed.

2.2 Bonding Slurry
To ensure a sound bond between the base concrete and HYDRO SCREED
50 topping , apply a cement / water HYDRO BOND slurry to the prepared
concrete surface. Immediately thereafter proceed with the installation.
Do not allow the bonding slurry to dry as it will then acts as a bond
For Both Methods of Application
a) Mixing
b) Installation


Mixing should at all times be carried out by mechanical means. Add
2.5litres water per 25kg bag to produce a plastic mix ±50mm slump.
The mixed material must be placed within 1 hour: any material
remaining after this time should be discarded.

The pre-mixed HYDRO SCREED 50 material must be spread evenly
onto the base concrete, consolidated and levelled. Particular care
should be taken to obtain full compaction of the bay edges and corners.
A smooth hard surface is obtained by either hand trowelling or by the
use of power float, followed by a final hand trowelling to remove any disc
marks. The newly laid surface must be cured with HYDRO Curing
Compound, immediately the final trowelling operation has been
completed. Protect all surfaces from traffic until the surface has
completely hardened or gained full strength, this will depend on the type
of use.
Rate of Application
A 25kg bag of HYDRO SCREED 50 mixed with 2,5 litres water yields
13 litres of finished product.
Supplied in 25kg moisture – resistant bags

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