+ What is the spread/coverage of Hydro Seal. (in other words, how far does the product go)

+ How is the product applied?

+ Which product should they use to repair a crack in the wall?

+ How is Hydro seal packaged?

+ What is the cost of Hydro Seal per M2?

+ Can Hydro Seal be used on steel or plastic pipes or IBR/ tin roofs?

+ Can Hydro Seal be used over Marble plastered surfaces. (Marblite)?

+ The inside of my pond/pool is peeling. I used another product to seal a while ago.

+ Why should I use Hydro Seal instead of another product. What is the difference?

+ What preparation do I need to take before applying Hydro Seal?

+ How long does Hydro Seal take to dry? When can I fill with water?

+ What about delivery?

+ I have a fresh plastered pool and the deck guys stained there deck with an oil treatment then it rained a few days later and water ran off the deck into the pool leaving the plaster stained. I have used wire brushes and pressure cleaned the surface it is still stained is there any other surface preparation which I need to do? I did try call if you could give a call or an sms to my question it would be much appreciated.

+ My pond was coated with 4 layers of ABE laykold but has various pinhole leaks. Can I apply Hydroseal over the bitumen

+ Does Hydro Seal offer a guarantee and if so, how long?

+ can I use hydro seal to do repair on an existing fibreglass sealed pond ?

+ can I use hydro seal to do repair on an existing fibreglass sealed pond ?

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